Saturday, September 6, 2008

Restarting the blog

Okay, I haven't kept up my end of the deal...actually blogging...LOL. I've been reluctant to add a new post, since I've linked my Improvisation pattern from Ravelry. I don't want it to get lost. But, I'll figure that out.

There's been so much going on in my knitting life. I just have to start writing about it. In April, I made the decision to pursue my Master Knitter certification through the TKGA. I got my materials for Level I on April 29, worked through it and returned it for judging the first week of June. I was on a mission. I knew some people take months, if not years, to complete a level, probably because life interferes. But I wanted to get it out. I have a goal of designing a real sweater in 2008, and I think the Master Knitter program will help me reach that goal.

Once my Level I submission was out the door, I turned my attention to the fancy knitting machine sitting covered in the corner of my bedroom. I bought it in 1999, brand new, top of the line. I took a few lessons from the dealer, and then found out I was prego with my 1st child. Somehow the machine just got backburnered at that point. It sat mocking me in the corner of my bedroom. Actually, truth be told, I just ignored it. I didn't even notice it was there. Now and then, I'd have to tell my kids to leave it alone, but other than that, it was invisible.

So, in June this year, I decided to finally unearth it. I have had so much fun with it. Surprisingly, I remembered alot of the stuff I had learned in those lessons 9 years ago. I've completed a few items, most significantly a full adult-size sweater (I'll cover in another blog entry). I also bought 3 plastic bed machines on Craig's list, and I must say that I'm tempted to buy every machine I see on Craig's list.

Well, the TKGA committee returned my Level I submission in late June, pretty quick turn-around. There were just a few things I needed to resubmit -- 3 swatches and 2 questions. Not too bad. But, by then, I was knee-deep in machine knitting. This week, I did the swatches and next week I hope to finish the questions and get it back out the door. (Now that the kids are back in school...)

Wow, I can see that there's a lot of blogging to catch up on. I will try to do that soon.

Now...go knit!

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